Self-consciousness – the ugly truth of discoloured teeth

It’s worth saying to start with that there are many reasons why your teeth might be darker as time goes by. The natural effects of time are worth noting, as are the consequences of smoking. In reality, the colour of your teeth won’t always signify any kind of problem. Unfortunately the effect of yellowed teeth are far more psychological than physical.

If you have a discoloured smile you’re going to worry about showing that smile off, which can have a really negative effect on your feelings about yourself. In the end, it’s not worth feeling unattractive when you can have a brighter smile and a sense of confidence to go with it.

Tooth whitening – safe and easy

There are all sorts of stories surrounding tooth whitening. You might have heard that the procedure is ‘bleaching’, and nobody much likes the idea of bleach coming anywhere near their teeth. It’s actually perfectly safe: we’re dentists, we’re not going to suggest anything which would make your dental health worse! Tooth whitening is a tried and tested form of cosmetic improvement with origins going back to Ancient Rome. It’s not difficult either: you’re not going to have to reorganise your entire life around tooth whitening.

The results of tooth whitening

Apart from being worried about the procedure, people sometimes get the fear that the effects of the whitening will be just a bit too good: nobody wants to be walking about with a neon smile. Teeth which are too white actually look pretty ridiculous, but that isn’t the way in which we work. Our tooth whitening is performed to restore a natural whiteness to your teeth.

A complete revamp for your smile

If you’re looking in the mirror and you’re not that impressed by what’s looking back, it can be quite a disheartening experience. That being said, knowing what to do can be pretty difficult. Broken and discoloured teeth might seem too much of a challenge to turn around.

But don’t worry! There’s always the option of a smile makeover. What is a smile makeover, you ask. The answer is simply a combination of different cosmetic dental treatments designed to revitalise your smile completely.

What treatments are involved in a smile makeover?

Think of a smile makeover like a renovation project: you’re not always going to need exactly the same things to achieve the results. The treatments can include tooth whitening, dental bridges or dentures, veneers, crowns and white fillings. Of course, we’re not going to know exactly what you need until we have a chance to talk it over with you.

What makes a smile makeover so special?

A smile makeover is designed to improve your smile and help improve dental health in the process. Because it’s a series of procedures, we can really make sure that we’re doing everything to improve both appearance and health. To give you an example, if you were to receive tooth whitening on its own, it would improve your appearance but not combat gaps. Similarly a bridge would fill the gap but not have the whitening effect. A smile makeover gives you the best of all cosmetic treatments.

Treatment Price List
ExaminationFrom £70.00
Scale & PolishFrom £48.00
White Composite FillingsFrom £65.00
CrownsFrom £500.00
DenturesFrom £440.00
WhiteningFrom £250.00