Restoring Your Teeth With Crowns

So you’ve got a cavity in your tooth. It’s not much fun – it hurts more than you’d expect and it looks pretty nasty as well. One of the best ways around this is with a dental crown. What this means is essentially we’ll use a synthetic material to rebuild the tooth.

We’ll take an impression of your tooth so that the crown sits flush – secure and seamless. Crowns are tough and designed to last a long time. This is a great way of both protecting your tooth and getting rid of that unpleasant appearance.

Bridges – practical and attractive

If you’ve had a whole tooth out, it’s a bit more problematical than a simple crown – there’s a gaping hole in your gum. Now this isn’t very nice, and it can make eating somewhat uncomfortable. A bridge is a hardy synthetic tooth which is fitted to the teeth on either side. You won’t believe how much more comfortable it makes eating a meal, and it also means you’re less likely to feel self-conscious – a bridge is almost undetectable, and certainly won’t be noticed unless someone’s looking for it.

Protect your teeth with an attractive veneer

A chip or imperfection in your tooth can be really annoying – it’s too small for a crown and certainly too small for a bridge but can be quite visible. There’s also a worry that a chip will have knocked away part of the protective coating of your tooth. Veneers can solve both of these problems for you – a protective coating which keeps your tooth strong and also smoothly covers over the imperfection. To the outside world your tooth will look perfect, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tooth is protected.

Treatment Price List
ExaminationFrom £70.00
Scale & PolishFrom £48.00
White Composite Fillings From £65.00
CrownsFrom £500.00
DenturesFrom £440.00
WhiteningFrom £250.00