The importance of having straight teeth

There are plenty of good reasons why you’re going to want to have straight teeth, both practical and aesthetic. Skewed teeth don’t look very nice from the outside and can impact on your sense of confidence, which is never a good thing. Misaligned teeth can also be uncomfortable and mess with the internal workings of your mouth. This can lead to other problems – it’s easier and better to just get your teeth straightening.

Aren’t braces really unattractive?

We’ve all seen the stereotype of nasty looking braces which look every bit as bad as the misaligned teeth they’re trying to cure. It hardly seems worth the effort if you’re going to have to show that off every time you smile! There’s a simple cure waiting for you at our practice. We offer clear or ‘invisible’ braces – a great way to correct the alignment of your teeth without having to be worried about cracking a smile!

Safe and comfortable

Invisible braces aren’t just a great way to correct misaligned teeth without it looking unsightly. They’re designed for your comfort and ease. Every set of clear braces is made to fit your teeth personally, so there’s no chance of it being uncomfortable. As time goes by and your teeth are realigned, we’ll update your braces to stop them from being uncomfortable or counter-productive.